Movie Review: Lions for Lambs

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My Rating: 9 of 10

Lions for
LambsLions for Lambs is a pack of 3 different characters in which linked one another in not-so-complicated way. Played by Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, and Merrill Streep surely will give you some guarantees that this movie is quite serious. Telling about side story about Afgan and Iraq War engaged by US and also pointing finger to Iran for something.

I should not explain what the meaning of film title is to you. You will understand it by watching the movie and listing carefully what Robert Redford said. Watching this film is a great pleasure for me, when I didn't read the synopsis before, I didn't expect something, and so on. Just going with the plot, trying to complete the puzzle in the movie by myself.

I love this kind of film, a simple story that forces you to think. A story that gives you multi point of view and separate you with your other audiences. Later when reaches the end, you will have a political standpoint and your partner and other audiences may have different standpoint too.

Intersting that this movies is so simple in cinematographics, all main characters show their best: emotions and script reading. Robert Redford just perform most of his part in a lecturer room, most of the time just sitting. Meanwhile Tom Cruise also does little, sitting and walking around a room while talking. Merril Streep does little too.

Very recommend you to watch in the cineplex. Don't watch it in home DVD format as I am afraid that you will fall asleep. Need concentration to watch this serious movie, but I can say it is worthed watching if you like drama with strong plot.


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