Quantum of Solace and Olga Kurylenko

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Latest James Bond movie: Quantum of Solace is worthed watching I told ya. Pack of action scenes, with simple story, bring a realistic spy movie. Yes, I prefer Daniel Craig to Pierce Brosnan to star 007 franchise series.

This movie is as good as Casino Royale. While previous movie brought us to beautiful city like Venice, Quantum brings us to some exotic but remote palaces like Haiti Port-au-Prince, La Paz Bolivia, and surely Europe cities like London, Tosca, and focus on Siena, Italy.

Movie Review: Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon

My Rating: 8 of 10

No need for synopsis. All people know Romance of The Three Kingdom is very complicated story. This film starred by Andy Lau, Sammo Hung, Maggie Q, tries to present one part of the story, that is General Zhao Zilong (Zhao Yun). Although there are still …

Movie Review: Ah Long Pte Ltd

My Review: 9 of 10

Finally come again film by Jack Neo, a reputable film director as well as great comedian from Singapore. It was released on W2 March 2008 in Singapore and Malaysia and quickly became a box office on the two countries. Although many viewers seems not to …

Movie Review: CJ7 (Chang Jiang 7) by Stephen Chow

My Rating : 8 of 10.

CJ7 is a science-comedy kind of movie. You can expect have big laugh in the cinema but since it is created by Hong Kong movie industry, it would be the biggest achievement compared to Hollywoord productions'. Not so funny for adults but a great pleasure …

Movie Review: 1408

My rating: 9 of 10 stars

For the purpose of this movie, it has successfully scared me of the cineplex sofa. Yes this film is a thriller as well as a ghost movie. So make sure you watch it in a theatre with good sound, or bring your girlfriend for …

Movie Review: Warlords (???)

My Ratings: 8 of 10

Warlords Movie
PosterSynopsis (a bit spoiler): The nineteenth century was an era of conflict: the Franco-Prussian War and the establishment of the German Empire in Europe; the Civil War in America; the Meiji Restoration in Japan; the Opium War in China followed by the Taiping Rebellion in …

Movie Review: Lions for Lambs

My Rating: 9 of 10

Lions for
LambsLions for Lambs is a pack of 3 different characters in which linked one another in not-so-complicated way. Played by Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, and Merrill Streep surely will give you some guarantees that this movie is quite serious. Telling about side story about Afgan …

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