Movie Review: 1408

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My rating: 9 of 10 stars

For the purpose of this movie, it has successfully scared me of the cineplex sofa. Yes this film is a thriller as well as a ghost movie. So make sure you watch it in a theatre with good sound, or bring your girlfriend for a free hug. The story was written by Stephen King in his novel, and played by John Cussack and Samuel L. Jackson. 1408 is a hotel room number. It was said that no one was able to stay for more than an hour. So in exactly one hour you will be shock and scared till your last piece of shit. I'll recommend you to watch it. Actually it has been released in USA on June 2007 but somehow screened in Indonesia started on January 2008.

1408 the
movieMichael Enslin’s a talented writer who left behind the world of textured fiction to pen a series of pulp books on haunted locations. Currently at work on his latest project, Ten Nights in Haunted Hotel Rooms, Enslin (John Cusack) comes across a postcard warning him to stay away from the Dolphin Hotel’s room 1408. Curiosity piqued, he begins researching the Dolphin and quickly discovers an unusual number of grisly deaths have occurred in the hotel’s suite 1408.

No one is allowed to stay in 1408 by order of the hotel’s manager, Gerald Olin (Samuel L Jackson). But Enslin, after much pushing and prodding, gets his way and is handed the room’s old-fashioned key (magnetized cards malfunction in 1408’s door…spooky…). After settling into the suite, Enslin – a non-believer – at first tries to make light of the room’s quirky little attributes. But just as he settles in, the room stops playing nice and treats Mr. Enslin to a display of its horrific best.


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