Movie Review: CJ7 (Chang Jiang 7) by Stephen Chow

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My Rating : 8 of 10.

CJ7 is a science-comedy kind of movie. You can expect have big laugh in the cinema but since it is created by Hong Kong movie industry, it would be the biggest achievement compared to Hollywoord productions'. Not so funny for adults but a great pleasure to bring family and kids to watch it. Its about alien, small creature but cute alien is very similar to chicken little character.

Previewed in Hong Kong on 23/1 but international premiered including Hong Kong should be 31 jan 08. Released in Jakarta(indonesia) and Bangkok(Thailand) on 6 Feb 2008, in Singapore and Malaysia on 7 Feb 2008. But the question is Who will watch it on chinese lunar new year date actually? Well, we'll see.

Chow plays a man who lives in a partly demolished house. He takes in a homeless boy (who is actually played by a girl, Xu Jiao). Whether the semi-demolished house and the homeless boy are on Earth, or on the alien planet is not clear. As Chow's character can't afford to buy a toy for the child, he finds a makeshift toy in the garbage and brings it back to his "son". The toy is actually an alien and the aliens are desperate to get it back.

Watch CJ7 movie trailer in official site produced by Sony at

In Jakarta, may be you have noticed many big signboard promoted by Sony Ericsson mobile phone with CJ7 wallpaper in its phones.


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