Movie Review: Ah Long Pte Ltd

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My Review: 9 of 10

Finally come again film by Jack Neo, a reputable film director as well as great comedian from Singapore. It was released on W2 March 2008 in Singapore and Malaysia and quickly became a box office on the two countries. Although many viewers seems not to cheer this film, but I can say that this movie is a kind that 'don't bother any critics and just watch it'.

Played by Mark Lee and Fann Wong with plot similar to "My Wife is Gangster 3", sissy man with a gangster wife, almost 2 hours of film packed with full laugh and singlish words. Movie in 5 language: Singlish, Hokkian, Mandarin, and a bit of Cantonese and Malay. I don't think it will available in Indonesia, so I just luckily enough to watch it on KL Golden Screen Cinema last week.

Ah Long Pte"Ah Long Pte Ltd" is a light-hearted black comedy about the triad world and the money-lending business. Following the retirement of her triad leader (Richard Low), a young lady, Li Hua (Fann Wong), tries to restructure her money-lending triad into a professional and 'loving' triad that stands against the use of violence. She also suffers a nagging mother and gets involved in a romance with Mr Fang (Mark Lee), an effeminate dance instructor cum image stylist.


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