Pertamina to Launch BioPremium on August 17th 2008

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Although it has been a while available at certain gas stations in Jakarta, BioPremium hasn't found its place in drivers' mind. The main cause is It has been difficult to find.

So next week, Aug 17th, along with Indonesia Independece Day Pertamina will lauch BioPremium in a greater size and impact. This oil product is said will boost octan number to 90 from normal 88 in Premium but I could not found this fact from Pertamina website.

The 'Bio' term means it is mixed with Ethanol in amount of 2% to 5%. While it is a small percentage, but it is a first step for us to implement a greener product. For information: Brazil, the world biggest producer of Ethanol, has been using oil product with 30% solution from Ethanol.

As long as the oil price remains the same as normal Premium IDR 6000, I believe this product will be a hit. But if Pertamina wants to sell it without government subsidized, then BioPremium will be sold at a lot higher price, I assume IDR 8000+.

Another side story is more and more Pertamina SPBU accepts BCA Flazz Card. It makes life a lot easier when I forget to bring money while run out of gas.


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