Aora TV is Indonesia Official EPL Broadcaster 2008/2009

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The newcomer pay-tv, Aora TV, just claims exclusive deal with ESPN StarSport to become Official TV Station for English Premier League 2008/2009 season for Indonesia region.

If you are subscribing to Astro TV, then your option is to throw away your satellite dish and subscription, and have to switch to Aora TV station to watch world most competitive football matches: English Premier League or Sepakbola Liga Inggris as we call.

Subscription fee is Rp. 785.000 for 5 month subscription. It is expensive comparing to First Media or Indovision if you check their channel list. Aora TV has only 7 International Channels as per my writing!

A rumour said that Aora TV stands for Astro Nusantara TV, but who can confirm that. It is a mess seeing their battle between Direct Vision and Malaysian Astro as owner of exclusive right of ESPN StarSport English Premier League channel.

The original story was Malaysian Astro as owner of EPL exclusive right wanted to operate in Indonesia. According to law, they had to find local partner to create infrastructure. Then they cooperated with DirectVision and branded the product as Astro Indonesia. For 2 years this has been a story for many newspaper and created hatred among football fans in Indonesia. Then somehow the cooperation broke and Malaysian Astro tried to find another partnership with local tv cable. Then here suddenly come a new born one: Aora TV.

What a mess if we have to change satellite dish every year if broadcaster is changed. Who will air soccer game next year then?


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