Aora TV is Indonesia Official EPL Broadcaster 2008/2009


The newcomer pay-tv, Aora TV, just claims exclusive deal with ESPN StarSport to become Official TV Station for English Premier League 2008/2009 season for Indonesia region.

If you are subscribing to Astro TV, then your option is to throw away your satellite dish and subscription, and have to switch to Aora TV station to watch world most competitive football matches: English Premier League or Sepakbola Liga Inggris as we call.

Subscription fee is Rp. 785.000 for 5 month subscription. It is expensive comparing to First Media or Indovision if you check their channel list. Aora TV has only 7 International Channels as per my writing!

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

SmarterBeing stucked in hotel room most of my time in Papua New Guinea, I turned my whole nightlife to television. One of my favourite tv program was "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?", in Star World channel. It was actually a Fox TV program, but for cable tv in Asia you can watch in Star World.

The setting is in a huge classroom (tv studio set), watch by many people. There are 5 classmates, each is 10 year-old boys and girls. Original cute and smart classmates were: Laura, Spencer, Kyle, Alana, and Jacob . An adult contestant bring to the show can choose classmate to accompany him to answer questions. There are 10 questions, ranging from social science, animal science, earth, grammar, 1st grade spelling, etc, all are subjects taught to grade 1 to grade 5 students in primary. Each question given will be also answered by all classmates by writing to their 'worksheet'. From here you might think that it must be a very easy question? You're wrong.

Indosiar's Mamamia Show sucks

Spending my time in home in night lately, trying to find some sort of tv entertainment, finally arrive in Indosiar channel. After inspecting from monday to thursday, it seems that Indosiar is really going to bankrupt. From 19.00 to 23.00 everyday they only show Mamamia programme, and it …

Elshinta TV

Hey, we have a new local TV Channel again in Jakarta: Elshinta TV. Try to find the channel in 35 UHF. I guess its main programme will be similar to its existing radio programme, that is news channel.

It will fight with MetroTV in smaller stage, if audience share is …

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