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If you are a working parent, then everyday you want to monitor your children activities in your house. How to monitor your loved ones? Sure you'll call them. But if you leave them with a nanny then you might need a spy webcam just to make sure that your nanny does her work.

Telkomsel offers a new solution for this by launching Telkomsel Babycam. It's a small 3G mobile device with built-in camera, packed like a MotorGP helmet miniatur, using GSM 3G network and Video Call feature (in which is actually not a new technology in Indonesia), all you need is to use your 3G mobile phone to video call that device, then your mobile phone will be live streaming what happens in your house, same like CCTV camera. Video Call rate will be charged same as voice call, so it is about Rp 13/second, CMIIW.

This helmet like cam divice is manufactured by ZTE, but sold exclusively by Telkomsel in Indonesia. Original Model is knowned as ZTE MF58.

It has an integrated 3G camera which can be controlled wirelessly by means of a video phone. The device allows you to keep an eye on what's going on inside a room or a car and you can access it by dialling the number of the SIM card inserted in its slot. Commands can be sent via SMS or using the phone interface and the first caller to establish connection with the mobile “helmet” gains administrator status and the rights to configure it. Nineteen other users who know the PIN code of the device can record video, adjusting the microphone volume, camera angle, brightness and digital zoom. A night mode is included for low-light conditions.

You can buy Telkomsel Babycam at major retail store. The package price is IDR 2,500,000 comes with small cam device and 2 pcs of Simpati PeDe starter packs with bonus free 3-hour call per month for 3 months.


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