Newcomers in Indonesia: Nokia E75 and E55

Nokia brand is really hot in Indonesia, especially its E series mobile phone targeted for business consumers. The E series are known as replacement of old 9000 communicators, and we have E71 and E63 currently in Indonesia market.

And now get ready for the launch of Nokia E75, set as next generation of E71. Designed with side-sliding to reveal its QWERTY keyboard, typing sms and email will be very quick and fun.

Nokia E75 Review

Nokia E75
As told in its model number, this mobile phone is equipped with latest Nokia Messaging, with HTML-formated email support. One can also categorize email by date, sender, and file size. Yup, for email lover (push-email or pull pop3 email), this gadget is cool huh?.

Wave of Netbook: Axioo Pico

Before we start, to be honest that I don't have Axioo Pico, but I'd like to post a Axioo Pico netbook review.

Netbook term means sub-notebook, mainly be used only for light-working and Internet browsing activities. You might be already noticed some PC manufacturers trying to deliver this kind of small laptop to market. Currently in Indonesia, netbook is still a new term with small market, that will be booming in few years ahead.

The first and successful one is Asus Eee PC. Long queue on its first launching means that people really needs affordable laptop. Another Taiwan company, MSI also launched MSI Wind Netbook on May 2008. And in this post I'd like to talk about relatively new Singapore-based PC manufacturer Axioo with its latest product: Axioo Pico.

Telkomsel Babycam

If you are a working parent, then everyday you want to monitor your children activities in your house. How to monitor your loved ones? Sure you'll call them. But if you leave them with a nanny then you might need a spy webcam just to make sure that your nanny does her work.

Telkomsel offers a new solution for this by launching Telkomsel Babycam. It's a small 3G mobile device with built-in camera, packed like a MotorGP helmet miniatur, using GSM 3G network and Video Call feature (in which is actually not a new technology in Indonesia), all you need is to use your 3G mobile phone to video call that device, then your mobile phone will be live streaming what happens in your house, same like CCTV camera. Video Call rate will be charged same as voice call, so it is about Rp 13/second, CMIIW.

Telkomsel Flash Unlimited

Yes, finally Telkomsel launches new package for its 3G Internet service: Telkomsel 3G Flash Unlimited. Previously in my post, Telkomsel Flash was charging on time-based or usage-based, but in unlimited package: no usage quota anymore, but now bandwidth speed is chopped.

Telkomsel Flash Unlimited can only be applied by kartoHalo subscribers, which means you have to be existing Telkomsel Halo GSM postpaid customer to enjoy this package. You have to be existing customer to apply this offering, at least 3 months. There are 2 offerings, one with free USB HSDPA Modem (I believe the model is Huawei E220, let me know okay?) and the other one is data subscribing only. To apply for free modem, you have to subscribe 1-year-contract package.

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