Singapore F1 Night GP: Boring and Lots of Accidents

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Watching from tv currently, seeing F. Massa started from pole position but out of point, Kimi Raikkonen also misses 4 points, what else can be said.

At last, we only see Fernando Alonso finish as first place, followed by Nikki Rosberg. In the last scene before trophy, you can see that a line of Singapore sexy girls are greeting the champions in their waiting lounge (what is not said is they speak Singlish lorr).

Singapore Night F1 GP is just a marketing hip. The first ever night race of F1 apparently causes some troubles. Some part of road are bumpy, bottom part of cars were splitting fire. Lots of tree leaves were torn and flown on the road. And one last thing, I think it is not bright enough?

Sure it attracts lots of tourist. Visiting Singapore, finding Merlion, Singapore Eye, Sentosa, and of course its Orchard Road will definitely an experience for first-time tourist. But for Indonesian people trying hard to get that F1 ticket and flew there, I think it is not worthed.

Better find a Shanghai F1 ticket!

or Just wait A1 Grand prix in Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang on 6 – 8 February 2009. Lippo Karawaci will be modifying parts of the town near the famous Pelita Harapan University (UPH). The track is being designed by Tilke Gmbh, the company responsible for other circuits where A1GP has raced, such as Shanghai and Sepang.


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