A Short Walk to Taman Menteng

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Last week I got a chance to visit Taman Menteng (Park) located in the very heart of Menteng District. It is a nice, free and interactive park, a place you can breath fresh air in Central Jakarta.

Taman Menteng Glass

It used to be a football stadium for Persija Football club, got demolished during Sutiyoso Governor era after some struggles and demonstrations. The result? You can see in my photos; a neat and clean park.

To reach this park, you can take taxi from Thamrin / Bundaran HI (because no reliable transportation means to this location). Another way to get this park is by driving your own car or motorcycle and park it in parking building also in this park in hour-basis charge. It is located in the street corner, just adjacent to Formule1 hotel, opposite of Adorama digital studio.

Menteng Park is a medium size park, with some distinctive glass-wall buildings in the area that are supposed to be gathering places This park also has children playground, futsal arenas and basketball court. It also provides free wifi, at least it is written on a signboard, supported by Telkomspeedy.

I can see that this park is well-maintained by city budget: clean and staff-guarded. Some budgets may come from lease of sport courts. This is a park to be referenced, a place you can take children and families to relax and have some activities.

Taman Menteng children
Menteng Trees and

Well, spare your time on weekend and visit this park. Enjoy.

From here, you can explore nearby park : Taman Suropati.


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