Apple iPhone 3G S in Indonesia on August 09

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According to CNET website, iPhone 3G S will be available in US and other 7 countries on 19 June 2009.

While in Indonesia, the launch date should be 9 August 2009. A good news? for customer is for sure. But for Telkomsel, I think they have plenty of old iPhone 3G in their warehouse and distributors. How to sell this obsolete items? Sell them in cheap!

iPhone 3G S comes with new features:

  • video recording,
  • on-screen video editing,
  • spotlight search, cut and paste feature,
  • 2x better performance
  • 3 MPix camera with autofocus
  • free upgrade to iPhone OS 3.0 (will be launch later)
  • Compass
  • better screen protector

So, don't buy any iPhone offered by Telkomsel until the newer come on August 09, or you'll regret.


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