Arriving in Taipei (Day #1)

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Jakarta - Taipei flight takes 4 hours and 30 minutes. Taipei is 1 hour ahead us (GMT +8).

Not much to tell in day 1 since we arrive pretty late (around 9 pm). Before, the Singapore agent has informed me to local contact number in case of emergency.

Landing on time at Taipei Taoyuan Airport, a small but convenient airport, we proceed to the immigration. Due to swine flu issues, there is not much difficulties found such as body temperature check, etc. We just enter a gate and a monitor shows our body temperature (normal is yellow, alert is red). Pick up baggage; we headed to the arrival gate. As promised, a driver point out our name and pick us. I don’t have much time to looking around at the airport so there is not much information to tell. But.. the tourism office could be easily found at the arrival gate.

You may need to ask for map, direction, etc at the office if it is a first time for you travel to Taiwan.

Today, we stay in Taoyuan, a small city next to Taipei. Not much to see here since it is already to late. Go to sleep now.


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