Hualian-Kaoshiung (Day #3)

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Day 3: Hualian-Kaoshiung

  • Taroko Gorge
  • Tunnel of Nine Turns
  • Zhiben Hot Spring

Taroko Gorge is an impressive 19-km-long canyon, situated near Taiwan's east coast. The area of the gorge is also identified as Taroko Gorge National Park. Along the way, we are advised to be aware of the rock fall. In May 2004, the Hualien area experienced a strong earthquake resulting in the mountain-sides becoming unstable in many areas. Therefore, it is strongly advised not enter the gorge during or just after periods of prolonged heavy rainfall. There are several signs in English marking the more dangerous areas and hard hats are provided at the Tunnel of Nine Turns.


We stop by at some shops, hearing the presentation, seducing us to buy their stuff but if you resist of buying, staying at the couch is a good choice.
Tonight, we stay in Zhiben (or Taiwanese write that as Chihpen), enjoying the hot spring there. Most of the hotel provides 2 choices of hot spring relaxing, sharing or private. Sharing is the big pool where you will share with each other or you could relax in your room bath tube. I, myself, choose to relax in my own bath tube. Relaxing enough, I sleep very well tonight.

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