Kaoshiung (Day #4)

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Today’s list:

  • Kaohsiung
  • Fo Guang Shan Temple
  • Mei Non Hakka Village
  • Dream Mall
  • Liouho Night Market

From the eastern part of Taiwan, headed to the southern part, today we will visit Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan. It is a long journey so we just enjoy most of our time, sleeping, viewing outside, and getting down for peeing \^_\^. We visit temple (Fo guang shan) and have lunch in a Hakka Village. I will not tell further since nothing so special about them.


[While sitting in the couch, the guide usually tell us story, one interesting story is about the habit of the native for eating betel nut (Indonesia:nyirih, Mandarin: binlang). Betel nut mostly consumes by the driver who wish to stay awake during driving. In the past time, only old woman will sells betel nut along the roadsides. It changes when the marketing strategy applies. The marketers saw the opportunity that it sells better by a young woman who is young, beautiful, and sexy. Nowadays, the term is developed as betel nut beauty and become a common sight along roadsides in Taiwan, a young woman selling betel nuts and cigarettes from a brightly lit glass enclosure while wearing revealing clothing.

Scooters, is one of the thing that also drives my attention. They come in several engine sizes from below 50cc to more than 250cc. Most common in recent years are the 4-stroke 100 and 125cc models, which are also suitable to explore the surroundings of the city. The larger scooters, 150cc and more, often include a greater subset of amenities for a second passenger, including a backrest, wider seat, full windshield and footholds and can rival a motorcycle overall size, weight and fuel consumption. Often, they come with larger wheels as well. So next time you visit Taiwan, you will not get amazed by this view

Arrive Kaoshiung, we visit the Dream Mall. I don’t know what so special of this mall but it has the Hello Kitty outdoor Ferris Wheel. Since I’m not so addicted to Hello Kitty, I skip the chance to ride the wheel and walking around the mall, a common mall.


This is the first time, I visit night market in Taiwan, and Liouho Night Market is the night market full of people selling drinks and food. Not much of them selling goods, so you just prepare yourself to eat and eat. If you are addicted to the Taiwan TV culinary show, you would be so excited upon arrival and see the stuff sell looks exactly as shown on TV, from the Big Grilled Sotong, Oyster, Chicken Wings, Noodles, Grilled Pork, etc. Selling price is at a very affordable rate from NT 30 (equally IDR 9,000), you could enjoy a small bowl of soup noodles. Truthfully, the taste is average, not as good as advertised or shown by TV. I myself would prefer the hawker’s food in Singapore or Malay, suit my taste.


Again, we are limited by time, gather again and back to hotel. For those who want to continue to eat , don’t forget to pack something to your room. You may want to try their fruit. They have the super sweety mango (tasted exactly like Harum manis), the milky pineapple (fertilized by expired milk powder-very sweet), the jumbo SweetSop(or Srikaya - recommended), or the jumbo Rose Apple (or Jambu Air - recommended).

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