Internet Data Roaming di Korea dengan Telkomsel

Berencana berlibur ke Korea Selatan dan tetap mau exist? Kita perlu akses Internet yang always on :)

Korea Selatan tergolong negara yang cukup mahal untuk kategori Internet. Ada beberapa pilihan mobile Internet.

Pertama, yang disarankan adalah membeli EG SIM Card begitu mendarat di Incheon Airport, Seoul. Harga starter packnya mulai dari 25,000 Won (setara IDR 270,000), lalu tinggal kita aktifkan Internet 3G/4G nya. Anda perlu membeli secara online, lalu pickup di toko yang ditunjuk karena stock bisa dibilang terbatas.


Opsi berikutnya adalah dengan menyewa Mobile Wifi, atau kita sebut Mifi, atau di sana lebih terkenal dengan "wifi egg" karena devicenya ada yang bundar mirip telur. Rental ini dihitung perhari, sekitar 5000 Won per hari untuk LG U+ Wifi Egg. Device ini bisa disewa di  Incheon Airport atau toko resmi LG.

SIM Card Internet Murah di Singapore

Anda berencana untuk berlibur di Singapore? Pastikan kartu GSM Anda sudah siap untuk melakukan broadband data roaming supaya aktivitas email, browsing, dan social tetap berfungsi.

Untuk Internet data roaming, kartu prabayar XL dan Indosat mengenakan biaya Rp 50,000 per hari dan Telkomsel lebih mahal lagi yaitu Rp 100,000 …

Getting Mobile Internet in New Zealand

Staying connected to Internet while travelling in New Zealand cannot be easier these days. You can bring and use your own country's GSM card but this will be charged with hefty bill even on low data usage.

Hoping for free wifi may be an option, but this only available in fast-food restaurants (MacDonald's) and public space in big cities. When you hit the rural road, this will be non-existent.

The better option is to purchase local NZ GSM card. After doing some research, I found that there are prepaid cards available for foreigners to use, then I put my choice on XT by NZ Telecom. Which I later can say that this is the best prepaid SIM in New Zealand can offer for tourists.


Cheap Mobile Internet Solutions in Indonesia

After 2 years we've been seeing GSM Operator battle for 3G Internet solution, let me conclude what options we have currently (data gathered as per Sept 12th, 2008).

The hot offers for this time being is : Indosat 3G Unlimited, Telkomsel Flash Unlimited, and Indosat M2 new package. Read each provider's summary in my article below.

Indosat M2

Indosat M2 (IM2) is a subsidiary of PT Indosat Tbk. Their business is mainly in providing pay TV and Internet services. Mobile Internet services comes with providing a USIM Card with prefix 0814, it can be used for data only, voice call is not available.

IM2 offices are separated from Indosat Galeri, but you can find them operating together in some places, such as at Galeri Indosat Artha Graha, Roxy, Pondok Indah. Or you can go to their new store at Plasa Semanggi.

Currently they offer 2 options for mobile Internet

  • Pre-paid option.
    Package name is called IM2 Broom. Similar to prepaid GSM, you have to buy voucher to top-up your account. Vouchers can be purchased from BNI and Permata Bank ATM. The good thing is if you don't fully use up your quota then it can be used for following month depending of expiration of the voucher. This is a cheap Internet solution for light users. Voucher prices are vary:

    IDR 50,000.- for 100MB, expired in 30 days after first use
    IDR 100,000.- for 200 MB, expired in 45 days.
    IDR 150,000.- for 300 MB, expired in 60 days.

    A new promo package with 3G/HSDPA Model is also available. By paying approx. IDR 125,000 for 6 months contract (by charging to Mandiri or BCA Credit Card) you will get ZTE MF620 HSDPA modem plus Voucher for 200MB data.
    You can purchase this starter pack on their reseller outlets (see the list here).

  • Post-paid option.
    For quite heavy users, you need a bigger Internet quota. You will be billed on monthly basis, separated from Indosat GSM Matrix billing (if you also have it). Here I only list cheap packages

    • Paket Eco, IDR 160,000 per month, 700MB quota, excess quota: IDR 0,4/KB.
    • Paket Ecofit, IDR 259,000 per month, FREE Modem, 700MB quota per month.
    • Paket You, IDR 350,000 per month, 1,2GB quota, excess quota: IDR 0,35/KB.


Indosat as a 3G Player is often not too aggresively pursuing customer by not offering cheap mobile Internet. They have IM3 and Mentari for GSM Prepaid, Matrix for post-paid, and Indosat 3G / 3.5G Broadband for Internet-only users. : A New Detikcom Contender

Just get a link to a new website :

It is basically a starting-up internet online news, a contender for which has been exist for nearly 10 years. Its website design and navigation also 'very similar'  to detikcom (its Advertising banner is also very annoying, thanks to …

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