About JavaMilk

JavaMilk name was taken from suggestion by domain seller, so I took it since I think it was quite cool. I moved from free alisanta.wordpress.com since I found I lost some freedom in themes and widgets.

My name is Alisanta, born 1979. This is about my thoughts and personal experience. Hope you all can follow, share, and post your comment too. I have a lot of ideas during a day. But when it comes to computer usually I cannot remember anymore :)

I graduated on 2002 from Bina Nusantara University Jakarta, majoring in Computer Science. Currently working at one leading IBM Lotus Business Partner in Indonesia: Prisma Global Solusi.

I started my blog in WordPress on June 2006 with a few words, and now this site has been growing into various topics; from Travel, IT, gadget, how-to, and also my personal thought and experiences. The longest and most commented article in this blog is still about Guide to Europe and Panduan Jalan Hemat ke Hongkong in Indonesian language, also available in English.

I like adventure (sometimes) but most of the time just stay at home doing nothing. I play a bit computer games, but I love reading so much so my leisure time is fully packed with reading and browsing Internet.


If you like my posts, why don’t you drop some lines in comment box below.

  • Twitter: @goJavamilk
  • Google+: Alisanta

  • http://djitz.com djitz!

    Interesting blog you got here! :D

    You do have a unique point of view on your every post. That’s why I’m lil bit discouraged finding some of the post is kinda short..

    Here’s my point of view in regards of your trouble in typing your ideas in computer. What you need is actually only a piece of paper and a pencil, so you can write your ‘intelligent ideas’ anytime. ;D

    Keep on bloggin dude!

    • Yanita

      Mas Alisanta,

      Boleh tanya ga. Saya akan mengurus visa ke kedutaan belanda. Ini perjalanan pertama saya ke eropa. Semua dokumen sudah saya penuhi, termasuk booking tiket di 5 negara yg akan saya kunjungi. Apakah tiket domestik antar negara (bus, kereta, plane) harus saya sertakan juga, mengiungat penggunaan transportasi domestik tersebut masih bersifat tentatif dan akan dipilih langsung saat ada di negara yg dituju. Mohon masukannya. Apakah Bisa dibalas ke email saya? terima kasih banyak ya mas. URGENT

      Terima kasih.


  • http://desacyber.com minanube

    Little bit pretty greeting.

    reading and browsing Internet at home is not doing nothing :-D

  • http://underconstruction Ayman B.

    Nice to know you, I am an Computer-Art-Designer and mix with programmer, I share the same interests (computer & Tech.) as I work on it…
    Nice web name..

    I was looking for Internet Service on Indonesia, and the Google matched your web info…thanks.

  • Thomas

    I was looking for the same: Internet Services in Indonesia… So thanks for the info! Do you know something about Internet Services based on cable/DSL/LAN dll. in Indonesia (means: NOT driven by HP or HP card)? Or is there no solution for such an access in Indonesia yet?

  • alist

    @Thomas: If you want to install Internet for office around major district, try Metronet from Biznet or Telkom Metro. Both offer broadband using fiber cable.

    But for home use, one common solution is using ADSL from Telkom Speedy. Speed up to 1Mbps and quite stable. Another best solution if covered is to use FastNet from Firstmedia.

  • Yosafat

    Hello Old Friend,

    I always know that someday you will achieve great success in your life, and yes, by visiting this blog I know that I was right :).

    Thank God (or Mark Z?) for creating Facebook, nice to see you again.

  • http://www.nisyeworu.multiply.com Nisye Woru

    Hi Bro…
    Seneng bgt aku mampir ke site ini.
    Kebetulan aku dan suami lagi cari referensi utk Tur Ke Eropa, tapi kita mau mampir ke Greece sih…

    Anyway, seneng deh baca blog ini…
    Aku udah save di agenda!!!!

    Thanks ya atas sarannya…

    Nisye and Hengky

  • SP

    Hi, nice blog of your europe trip and lots of useful info and references too. Tried to read your florence and amsterdam page but I think there is problem with the link/page, can’t see it at all.

  • http://www.stayattheblue.com chishi

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! it helps me big times! thanks dude!

  • Sasti

    Hai Alisanta! Saya sasti, editor dari Penerbit PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama. Saya suka banget membaca blog kamu. Apakah kamu berminat menyusun blog kamu menjadi sebuah buku? Kami berminat menerbitkannya loh. Terima kasih.

  • Monica

    Salam kenal Alisanta,
    Sebagai praktisi di bidang IT tentulah Alisanta sangat mahir dalam membuat blog pribadi. Saya punya rencana untuk memasarkan suatu produk tapi masih terkendala dengan pembuatan blog pribadi sebagai sarana promosinya. Jika tidak keberatan, saya minta tolong dibimbing bagaimana cara membuat blog pribadi yg sederhana dan mudah. Terima kasih

    • Alist

      @Monica, Sebagai langkah awal mungkin bisa coba membuat blog di http://www.wordpress.com atau http://www.blogspot.com. Proses registrasinya sangat mudah serta dilengkapi dengan themes sehingga tampilan blog kita bisa bagus.

      Setelah itu barulah mulai membuat article/post. Pada dasarnya penggunaan wordpress dan blogspot cukup mudah, yang sulit adalah menuangkan ide ke dalam tulisan. Sebagai permulaan kita bisa menulis pikiran pribadi tentang berita, teknologi, keluarga, atau tentang hobby, nanti seiring waktu dan pengalaman tentu harus focus ke satu topik khusus. Selamat mencoba!

  • Goobz

    Hi Alisanta, I recently bought an Xacti HD1010 camcorder, mainly based on your review which I discovered last year.


    I was very impressed with the insights and sample videos you uploaded (Disneyland/Macau Night). I was wondering if you used any special lighting or camera filters for those clips? If not, could you possibly share or recommend any good settings for night/indoor shots? The night video you made looked fantastic when I viewed it on the PS3 and was the decision maker for me. I’ve been playing with my unit for a couple days now and although I have read the manual and tinkered with pretty much all the settings, I cannot seem to get anything close to the clarity of your videos. It’s either too dark or too grainy (not too mention shaky even with the stabilizer turned on). I’m beginning to regret making this purchase, but I would be very grateful if you could offer me some advice please.

    • Alist

      @Goobz, Thanks for your input.

      The only filter I install is UV Haze from Marumi, basically it does nothing except covering the precious lens from any scratches.

      A night shoot on Hong Kong Harbour scenery was performed using a tripod, and I only set to night shoot. No more additional setting. I also have shot same scene using firework mode and pleased as well.

      While a shot on night crowd in HK used Auto setting without flash, surrounding had enough lightings, so the camera could calculate exposure by itself.

      For room video shooting, I suggest you to play some more settings (Auto always perform well actually): ISO and exposure, this to reduce grain. Yes, Xacti still produces grainy picture in low light.

  • Goobz

    Alisanta, thankyou very much for your insight. I have not tinkered with the fireworks or night shot mode but will definitely test that out to see if video improves. I think I will also have to invest in a tripod as I find this camera extremely shakey even with the digital stabilizer on. I have tried playing with iso and exposure to no avail, but I’m glad you reassured me that it is due to limitations of the camera. In bright natural light it really is a great piece of equipment and if I keep zoom to a minimum it moves fine.

    Thanks again for your help! I really appreciate it :)

  • http://callmenic.blogspot.com Monic

    berawal dari googling ttg christmas in disneyland, jadi nyasar ksini d
    tapi info ny mnarik
    terutama panduan jalan2 nya
    bikin ngiler bgt :p
    dan yang paling penting..kita 1 almamater, ko
    aku sekarang lagi kuliah di Binus, ambil computer science juga :)


  • Dodo

    Hai Alisanta,

    Nice blog you have here….I like ite.
    AKu mau nanya…blog mu ada iklannya…aku juga pengen blog ku ada iklannya..gimana sih caranya??
    Thanks for sharing


  • Willy

    lanjutkan travel guide nya donk bro.. koq uda lama ngga diupdate (yg ke singapore).. hehehe
    dan tambahkan lagi donk travel guide yg lain.. :)
    bulan 4 ini saya mau ke HK, kebetulan taon lalu dapet tiket murah dari airasia, cuma 1,2 juta per org (PP), saya bener2 terbantu dengan travel guide bro yg di HK n Macau..
    lanjutkan bro.. travel guide bro emang paling top.. :)

  • http://bigtimeflirt.blogspot.com renny

    wow. nice.
    tulisan dirimu sangat membantu. detail.

    seneng bacanya.

    makasih ya. :)

  • Panda


    it is a very usefull blog, found it by accident and now i added it in the favorites. well i am in cape town so u are welcome to contact me if u want to visit and write blog about cape town.

    ps. i also graduated from Binus in 2002, we are from the same alumni :)

  • Yan



  • cen

    gag sengaja nemuin blog ini..
    kbetulan banget aq mha fam mao ke macau n hk..
    brmanfaat banged nie..:))

  • Jane

    Still amazed with the blog! I remember i did email you about a year ago asked how to travel to Europe. I didn’t make it, only visited USA due to time limit.

    Now my family is saving money to go to Europe (mom really wants to visit Lourdes), but probably we’ll go with travel agent. I see it more cost saving and efficient rather than I make a plan for 5 people, do research, booked flights, booked hotels, itineraries, visas! take care of their daily basis needs, where to eat, etc; it won’t be easy! I won’t be able to have fun, haha..
    Before I decided so, I browsed through internet — and I found your blog once more, after a year! — but this time it appears on the first line of my Google search. :)

    Anyway, I am going to read your blog, all posts regarding Europe!

    Thanks for writing. :)

  • Vina Tjajadi

    Alist, ternyata kamu masih muda jah. jadi kamu ini tinggal di jakarta kalau bisa bales ke mailku, aku mau minta tel jg bisa dihubungi. karena hobiku jalan2.

    mau tanya dikit dong, dimacau enak tinggal di metropole atau holiday inn jah…

  • megah

    hi. how to get in chat with you? ngga cukup kalo cuma leave words here. thank you. just let me know through my email.

  • Erol

    Hi Ali,

    I plan to go to Paris in February next year for my honeymoon. While searching for information needed, by chance I found this blog. From your writing I get a lot of very useful information. And for that I thank you. God bless !

    • Alist

      @Erol, thanks for visiting. I’m glad these articles would be useful for you. Congrats on your weeding!

  • devi


    gak ada panduan ke Jepang???

    • Alist

      @devi, Hi, sayangnya saya belum pernah ke Jepang… jadi belum bisa buat panduannya :)

  • eko

    hi lam kenal yah..saya tertarik dengan tulisan anda…apakah anda bisa mengulas tentang pekerjaan/job dimacau menurut cerita cari kerja dimacau mudah dan gajinya cukup lumayan mohon dibalas yah

  • http://dearbarbie23.wordpress.com Merlina

    hai, salam kenal…
    Blognya informatif sekali.. kebetulan saya lg belajar buat blog jg..
    ditunggu tulisan selanjutnya yah.. :)

  • Dewi

    Hai Mr. Alist,
    Saya ada rencana ke Hongkong Januari ini. Mohon infonya, adakah pilihan tempat tingal di Hongkong yang modelnya apartemen (seperti misal Somerset di Singapura)? Karena kalau untuk keluarga sepertinya lebih nyaman, ada dapur, ruang keluarga, fasilitas lain spt mesin cuci dll. Kalau ada, akan sangat berguna sekali…. termasuk info rate-nya. terima kasih sebelumnya.

  • Sarah

    Hi Mas Alist

    Salam kenal…
    Aku mau tanya dunk…, Maret thn depan aku akan ke Hongkong, dan sampai disana kira2 jam 11 pm waktu hongkong, jika aku naik taxi dari bandara ke hotel (aku nginap di hotel South Pacific Hotel), kira2 taxi apa yang bagus?? dan kira2 tarifnya berapa??

    thx infonya


    • Alist

      @Sarah, FYI taksi airport ke kota sangatlah mahal, mungkin IDR 500rb-800rb, jika bisa dipertimbangkan menggunakan airport train yang masih beroperasi di jam segitu.
      Utk taksi, semua taksi rata-rata sama jadi tinggal naik saja.

  • http://dearbarbie23.wordpress.com Merlina

    mas Alist, baru ketemu blog nya .. nice one!
    mau tanya nih, saya akan ke Shenzhen bulan Feb nanti & punya waktu hanya 1 hari utk explore Hongkong ( malemnya hrs balik ke Shenzhen, udah booking hotel ).
    kalo tujuan saya hanya The Peak & Giant Budha aja.. bisa kan dlm 1 hari? better kemana dulu yah? trus rutenya gmn?
    Liat jadwal kereta dr Hongkong ke Shenzhen dimana? takut kemaleman..

    thanks before ;)

  • http://mioariefiansyah.wordpress.com miyosiii

    menarik, kebetulan saya sedang mencari referensi bwt pergi ke eropa,

    saya izin nge link ya


  • vembry

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  • sabaruddin

    mas saya mau nanya. sekarang ini saya telah mendapat penawaran kerja dari UK terus dari pihak perusahaan sana memberikan saya alamat email untuk pengurusan visa.
    saya sudah aplai permohonan visa ke alamat email itu.
    terus ada balasan, saya dikirim formulir yang harus diisi(negara, nama, no pasport, dlll)
    terus saya isi semua dan mengirimkannya kembali selang beberapa jam ada balasan bahwa visa saya sudah bisa keluar tapi saya harus membayar biayanya sebesar 550,00 GBP dan dibayar melalui wastern yunion.
    pertanyaan saya mas apa betul perosedurnya seperti itu ataukah ini hanya penipuan? saya sangat mengharap jawaban mas.( saya baru pertama mau ke UK)jawabannya dikirim ke email saya ya mas (sabar0603@yahoo.com)

  • JaClyn Chew

    Hi there!

    My client HK Disneyland actually came across your blog and would like us to find out more if you would be keen to come for a review at HK Disneyland for 2012 and this would be a sponsored trip in exchange for blog postings and such.

    If you are keen, kindly drop me an email at jaclyn@sirens.my

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

  • rizki

    Menarik sekali artikel2 travellingnya.
    Saya ingin tanya nih, sebab waktu saya search di blog ini nggak ketemu. Masalah asuransi kesehatan selama kita travelling, apakah harus ambil asuransi? Kalau ambil asuransi, apakah kita beli di Indonesia atau bagaimana? Maaf kalau pertanyaan saya terlampau awam.

  • munira

    halo alis,saya ada rencana jaln jlan ke eropa,tp bingung mulai dari mana yg paling enak,rute yg pas,biar gak banyak pengeluaran,makasi ya.btw minta alamat emailnya ya

  • rini

    Dear Alisanta,
    Anak perempuan saya ingin pulang ke indonesia dari Jerman sendiri bulan September 2012 ini, tapi tidak tahu pesawat apa yg paling murah dan biaya hitung2an biaya kelebihan bagasinya.

  • Jaclyn

    I’m actually dropping a line to see if you are keen to undertake a sponsored trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. We are currently helping client search for bloggers to send to this sponsored trip and in exchange your end will be blogging a few posts for the client.

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