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Yes, finally Telkomsel launches new package for its 3G Internet service: Telkomsel 3G Flash Unlimited. Previously in my post, Telkomsel Flash was charging on time-based or usage-based, but in unlimited package: no usage quota anymore, but now bandwidth speed is chopped.

Telkomsel Flash Unlimited can only be applied by kartoHalo subscribers, which means you have to be existing Telkomsel Halo GSM postpaid customer to enjoy this package. You have to be existing customer to apply this offering, at least 3 months. There are 2 offerings, one with free USB HSDPA Modem (I believe the model is Huawei E220, let me know okay?) and the other one is data subscribing only. To apply for free modem, you have to subscribe 1-year-contract package.

With Modem:

  • Basic : IDR 250,000, speed up to 256 kbps (means 30 KB/s !!)
  • Advance : IDR 350,000, speed up to 512 kbps (64 KB/s)
  • Pro : IDR 525,000, speed up to 3,6 Mbps

Without Modem:

  • Basic : IDR 125,000, speed up to 256 kbps
  • Advance : IDR 225,000, speed up to 512 kbps (64 KB/s)
  • Pro : IDR 400,000, speed up to 3,6 Mbps

FYI, although it was advertised as unlimited, only first 3GB will get the speed as told above, after using 3GB in that month, the bandwidth will be reduced down to 64 kbps for Basic package subscribers.

After subscribing to this service, you have to configure your PC or Laptop to connect to Telkomsel Flash APN. Remember to use correct APN, fail to do this will make you surf Internet in retail price (Rp 12/KB). See my article at here (Step by Step to connect to Telkomsel Flash)

Another device introduced by Telkomsel is Telkomsel Babycam on Aug-22, see more information at my Telkomsel Babycam post.

Updated 15 Sept 2008: Indosat has also launched Indosat 3.5G Unlimited package, similar to this Flash Unlimited. More detail can be read from my post here.


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