Beijing Olympic Badminton Schedule on TVRI

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Actually you can search games schedule using google and it will bring the result on the first entry. Try to enter "olympic badminton schedule" in Google search box, and this is the result:

But sadly not all games will be aired (and live) in Indonesia's TVRI as the official channel. As Indonesians put high hope in badminton games, so don't miss your chance to watch it. I don't know which games will be live in TVRI, but this is the schedule I compiled from TVRI Badminton schedule programme and Olympic official site (translated: Jadwal Pertandingan Bulutangkis Olimpiade Beijing di TVRI) :

  • 13-Aug-2008,  09.00-12.30 (continue again on 17.30-21.00),
    • 09.00: Women's  Singles - Quarter-finals, YULIANTI Maria Kristin vs NEHWAL Saina
    • 11.15: Women's  Doubles - Semi-finals
    • 12.00: Men's Badminton Doubles - Quarter-finals, CAI Yun / FU Haifeng vs BACH Howard / MALAYTHONG Bob
    • 17.30: Women's Singles Quarterfinal, LU Lan vs WONG Mew Choo
    • 18.15: Men's Doubles Quarterfinal, RASMUSSEN Jonas / PAASKE Lars vs MATEUSIAK Robert / LOGOSZ Michal
    • 19.00: Women's Singles Quarterfinal, XIE Xingfang vs XU Huaiwen
    • 19.45: Women's Doubles Semifinal, WEI Yili / ZHANG Yawen vs YU Yang / DU Jing
    • 20.30: Men's Doubles Quarterfinal,  Markis KIDO /  Hendra SETIAWAN vs Malaysia KOO Kien Keat / TAN Boon Heong
  • 14-Aug-2008 ...
  • 14-Aug-2008, 09.00-12.30 (continue again on 17.30-21.00)
    • 09.00: Men's Singles Quarterfinal, CHEN Jin vs HSIEH Yu-Hsing
    • 09.45: Mixed Doubles Quarterfinal, HE Hanbin / YU Yang vs
      Poland MATEUSIAK Robert / KOSTIUCZYK Nadiezda
    • 10.30: Men's Singles Quarterfinal, Sony Dwi KUNCORO vs
      Malaysia LEE Chong Wei
    • 11.15: Mixed Doubles Quarterfinal, Nova WIDIANTO / LILIYANA vs
      Thailand THOUNGTHONGKAM Saralee / PRAPAKAMOL Sudket
    • 17.30: Men's Singles Quarterfinal, LEE Hyunil vs BAO Chunlai
    • 18:15: Mixed Doubles Quarterfinal, Korea LEE Yongdae / LEE Hyojung vs
      Great Britain ROBERTSON Nathan / EMMS Gail
    • 19.00: Men's Singles Quarterfinal, China LIN Dan vs Denmark GADE Peter Hoeeg
    • 19:45: Mixed Doubles Quarterfinal, Denmark LAYBOURN Thomas / JUHL Kamilla Rytter vs
      Indonesia Vita MARISSA / Flandy LIMPELE
  • 15-Aug-2008, 09.00-12.30 (continue again on 17.30-21.00),
    • Semi Finals
  • 16-Aug-2008, 09.00-12.30 (continue again on 17.30-21.00),
    • Semi Finals, Final and Bronze Match
  • 17-Aug-2008, 17.30-21.00,
    • Finals, Hey.. 17th Aug is Indonesia Independence Day, is it a coincidence if we'll win gold?

At last, you can always see medals won by Indonesian directly from google by entering keyword "Indonesia Olympic".

Since China is assumed to dominate this event, how about seeing my pics with Lin Dan and China Badminton Team while they were in Jakarta?

Check this page back since I will update badminton schedule regularly.

Updated on 14 Aug > It was disappointing moment when I stayed tuned on TVRI last night. Hoping to watch live badminton matches wiped away since TVRI only aired match until 7pm, not 9pm as scheduled. Well, are there other programmes that are so important or interesting worthed watching in TVRI besides Olympic? Dump ass. Hope these enthusiast people commented in other blog won't be disappointed.


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