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Jay Chou Capricorn Album
CoverTired of my old Jay Chou  ??? MP3 Collections, I have been playing them again and again. When will Jay Chou new album be released?

The last album was released on Nov 2, 2007 (Cowboy on the Run). And the latest song introduced by him was Kungfu Dunk OST and ???? (Thousands Mile) for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. So many fans have been waiting for real 2008 new album release.

After rumour said it would be released on August 2008, delay .. and delay, then here comes the exact date of Jay album release: 9 October 2008 (from Jay-chou.net) while pre-order starts on 24th September 2008. Album title name is not published yet Capricorn (???).

What new style will he bring in this album? Cover album is a bit dark since Jay imitated Joker (from Batman Dark Knight) style. It is said that first hit single will be titled "Fragrant Rice". Let's wait for this song and lyrics.

>> Update 1 Oct 2008
Source: JayCN (cn.jaycn.com)
Original Source: Apple Daily ??????
Translation: stitchphil (www.jay-chou.net)
Jay Chou’s new album has been leaked online (again). Scheduled to be released on the 9th this month, “Capricorn” can now be found on several Mainland China websites, available for download. His company, JVR Music, announced in a statement yesterday that the leaked songs were not the final versions from the album (probably demos), and they (the 11 songs) were not the final track listing. From “November’s Chopin” to “On the Run” and now “Capricorn”, songs from the albums were leaked before the albums’ scheduled release, leading one to question if this was a publicity stunt to gather more attention and news. In the JVR Music’s official statement, the company reiterated the damaging impact piracy has (on them), and stated that they would never resort to such a shameful publicity stunt.

What I've got was pretty obvious, I could say is the recording is near production (if they still call them demos). Dunno, but some tracks I heard were a bit 'not smooth' and some false notes sung by Jay. Track list for Capricorn album is here. Also dunno who post it, but you can freely download full Jay Chou Capricorn album from here.

Apparently, previous leaked album have incorrect song titles. Latest post told that this is the correct one. When I was in Hong Kong, Capricorn album cover is this:

01. ???? (Dragon War Rider)
02. ???????? (Give Me A Song's Time)
03. ?? (Snake Dance)
04. ?? (Sea Flower)
05. ???? (Mr. Magic)
06. ?????? (So Good That Happiness?)
07. ??? (Orchid Pavillion Series)
08. ???? (Wandering Poet)
09. ??? (Time Machine)
10. ???? (Uncle Joker)
11. ?? (Rice Fragrance)


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