Photoblog: Barcelona Airport Terminal 1

New built Terminal 1 of Barcelona Airport is a bit piece of art. Shiny tiles give great impression and spacious to wander around. Facilities included cafes, restaurants (there's MacDonald's), and don't forget about ZARA fashion store.

Barcelona Airport, also known as El Prat, coded BCN, is located 12km southwest of …

Photoblog: Ocean Park Hong Kong


Hong Kong Ocean Park (??????) is oceanarium and animal theme park, with as large as 870,000 square meter of land, one of your must come itinerary when you visit Hong Kong.

Founded in 1977, not until 1999 two Giant Pandas were given to the park, and now become one of …

Photoblog: Dutch taste in Jakarta

Is this your classic photo of Amsterdam in Holland?

Dutch houses have unique design that we can instantly recall whenever see such buildings. Nowhere else can you find building with facade and tone like this unless it is related to Netherland.


Photoblog: Elephant Riding in Thailand

One of the highlight when tourists visit Thailand is to ride an elephant. Phuket Island Safari, 20 minutes drive from downtown is an area that offer such experience.

A cart of two people is placed on top of elephant and 'the driver' controls movement with a kind of big needle …

Photoblog: Swiss Cuckoo Clocks

Swiss is renowned for its expensive watch makers, but even when you want to buy a cuckoo clock at Swiss for souvernir, the price for this wooden clock (doubt it is made in China) is as expensive as one Tag Heuer watch.

Browsing through a Casagrande store in Luzern selling …

Photoblog: Zurich

Zurich is the largest city of the Swiss Confederation (Switzerland) by land area and population. It is the financial center of Switzerland and houses the stock exchange and the headquarters of a large number of national and international companies. National and international media agencies as well as most of the national TV channel companies are also located here. Because Zurich is the central node of the Swiss-wide train network and also runs the biggest and busiest international airport in the country, it generally is the first place where tourists arrive. Because of the city's close distance to tourist resorts in the Swiss Alps and its mountainous scenery, it is often referred to as the "portal to the Alps". Source: Wikitravel

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